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Musée du Luxembourg



The Tudors
18 March - 19 July 2015


The Empress Josephine

12 March 2014 / 29 June 2014

Josephine de Beauharnais
painted by Prudhomme,

La Renaissance et le Rêve : la bande annonce by Rmn-Grand_Palais

La Renaissance et le Rêve

Bosch, Véronèse, Greco…
9 octobre 2013 - 26 janvier 2014

Some Renaissance Artists to be shown at this exhibition

Past Exhibitions

Marc Chagall entre guerre et paix, Musée Du Luxembourg

21 February-21 July 2013

and peace

The Chagall ceiling at the Paris Opera Palais Garnier.


Cima da Conegliano
            Cima da Conegliano

            Master of the Venetian Renaissance

5 April 2012 / 15 July 2012

Open Daily from 10am to 7.30pm
Evening on Friday up to 10pm

Ouvert tous les jours de 10h à 19h30
Nocturne le vendredi jusqu'à 22h

       Giovanni Battista Cima was born Italy at Conegliano, in 1459 or 1460. His father, was a cloth-shearer (cimator), hence the family surname.
In 1488 the young painter was at work at Vicenza.
in 1492 he established himself at Venice, but by the summer of 1516 he had returned to his native place.
Giovanni Battista Cima was influenced by the work of Giovanni Bellini. He was one of the first Italians painters to promote the landscape emphasizing volume in a play of subtle chiaroscuro. His Baptism of Christ in the church of S. Giovanni in Bragora (Venice, 1492), voucher for his technique.
Among all his religious paintings dispersed in Italy, UK, Germany, France possesses a small format Virgin and Child Enthroned with St. John the Baptist and the Magdalen, painted circa about1513.

Le cercle de l'art moderne
The Modern Art Club - Avant-Garde - Collectors in Le Havre
September 19, 2012 to January 6, 2013

Van ongen La Parisienne de Montmartre
Kees Van Dongen, la Parisienne de Montmartre circa 1907

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