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The Tudors
Musée du Luxembourg
18 March > 19 July 2015

17 March - 19 July 2015
Musée d'Orsay

10 septembre 2015 au 07 février 2016

Picasso museum in Paris finally reopens

Cluny Musée national du Moyen Âge

Orientalism rediscovered

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The Louvre

Running counter to the received wisdom, André Le Nôtre in Perspectives exhibition 1613 – 2013 offers a surprising new image of the man, a close friend of the king, his art and his influence.

Le Meurice, Salvador Dali's Hotel in Paris

Up to 29 March  2016

SELFIES before the iPhone: MEN from Raichel Le Goff on Vimeo. - Raichel Le Goff


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Paris Art News

Marine Le Pen to appoint ex-rival Dupont-Aignan PM if elected French president

French far-right hopeful Marine Le Pen said Saturday she would appoint defeated first-round candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan as her prime minister if she is elected president.

French presidential hopeful Macron bans Russian-state media from campaign trail

French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron's campaign Thursday denied press access and passes to two Russian state-backed media, RT (formerly Russia Today) and Sputnik, accusing them of spreading “propaganda” and “misleading information”.

How Le Pen’s party obstructs EU moves to defend workers

Marine Le Pen’s National Front party claims its Eurosceptic platform is aimed at protecting workers. But in the European Parliament, critics say the French far-right party has done everything to scuttle workers' rights.

Far-left Mélenchon refuses to pick sides in French presidential run-off

Defeated French presidential election first-round candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon said on Friday he would not give any indication as to who his supporters should vote for in the May 7 run-off.

Holocaust controversy returns to haunt Le Pen

Controversy over her party's record on the fate of Jews in World War Two returned to haunt French National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on Friday as the man due to replace her temporarily as party leader suddenly stood aside.

French media groups denounce Le Pen party’s obstruction on campaign trail

Representatives of 29 French media organisations, including FRANCE 24, signed a petition Thursday denouncing Marine Le Pen’s National Front party for obstructing their access to events and ability to inform the public.

Macron takes on Le Pen at Whirlpool tumble dryer plant, wins spin cycle

After a slow start, particularly for centrist political neophyte Emmanuel Macron, France’s finalist duel for the presidency began in earnest Wednesday on a tumble dryer factory’s parking lot in Amiens, northern France.

Le Pen woos Nice voters with vision of 'happy Europe'

French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said on Thursday she wanted to replace the “grey” European Union by a “happy Europe", in a speech that focused on her plans to build back border checks, but did not mention her anti-euro stance.

French presidential campaign escalates with duelling Whirlpool factory visits

Marine Le Pen set a public relations trap for rival presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday when she showed up among striking French workers at a closing factory the day he was meeting their union representatives a few miles away.

Le Pen’s party accused of defrauding EU parliament of €5m

The European Parliament accuses French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen's party of defrauding it of nearly five million euros ($5.5 million) in expenses, more than twice an initial estimate, a French legal source said Thursday.

How Marine Le Pen hopes to lure France’s disgruntled far left

Marine Le Pen has urged dithering supporters of the hard-left “Unsubmissive France” not to “submit” to Emmanuel Macron, attempting to portray her rival for the French presidency as the embodiment of the “neoliberal” capitalism they abhor.

French intelligence says Syrian regime behind disputed chemical attack

France's foreign minister said Wednesday that chemical analysis of samples taken from a deadly sarin gas attack in Syria early April "bears the signature" of President Bashar Assad's government and shows it was responsible for the deadly assault.

Several held in connection with 2015 Paris kosher supermarket shooting

Ten people, including a suspected arms dealer, are in custody as part of an investigation into a deadly 2015 attack on a Jewish supermarket in Paris, sources close to the probe said Wednesday.

France’s Les Républicains in turmoil ahead of presidential run-off

After its troubled candidate, François Fillon, was rejected by voters in the first round of French presidential elections, the right-wing Les Républicains are divided over the party’s direction for the second round run-off.

Complacency threatens Macron in France’s unhappy democracy

Hailed as a victory for hope, Emmanuel Macron’s strong showing in the first round of France’s presidential election belies the deep frustration and despondency expressed by voters, many of whom vow to shun the decisive run-off against Marine Le Pen.